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Fall in love with good design

What is design, anyway?

To answer the question, we must first define what "design" really means. We all use the term and yet there is rarely a deep understanding of how design works. Design is first and foremost a process.

Verschiedene Farbkombinationen, die sich (nicht) für ein gutes Design eignen

The first task is to get to know the users. Using various user research methods, designers try to understand how users use a product and how to subtly support their goal achievement. We observe their Journey and transform it into an intuitive solution. A good design gives the user what they asked for, but a great design addresses even needs that the user couldn't identify. It is the designer's job to explore the user's perception and identify problems, identify their origin, and respond to them. Designing a system should be a linear process through which users are intuitively guided. They should feel comfortable and not need further assistance.

So is design all about usability?

Usability is the main component and defines how well a design works. However, visuals should not be underestimated. For example, society has learned to associate red color with danger and green with safety. Currently, we work with this symbolism in many ways. We use it everywhere from regulating traffic to representing a problem in a user interface. Visual design is a powerful tool that supports design usability. It also has the ability to evoke different emotions in users.

Moreover, users are most likely to trust a well-structured, modern-looking interface design. It communicates the value of the product and helps users absorb certain information more efficiently. The methods for achieving trustworthiness in a digital design have remained fairly consistent over the years, although they take a new form with each trend. Trends are important in that they connect a particular product to the rest of the world's solutions. While trends change quickly, adaptation over time plays a critical role in user confidence. It shows the ability of a product or service to adapt to the ever-changing world.